HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment

Microchip will no longer provide update, bug fixes, or technical support for HI-TIDE IDE. Instead, Microchip highly recommends MPLAB IDE, available for download at www.microchip.com/mplab. HI-TECH C Compilers are tightly integrated with MPLAB IDE using the plugin, HI-TECH Universal Toolsuite.

HI-TIDE is a multi-platform development environment that provides tools for all aspects of embedded software development integrated into the one application. HI-TIDE is designed to seamlessly integrate with HI-TECH C® compilers and provide all the features needed to get your solution up and running as soon as possible. With a variety of simulators, debug interfaces and wizards available, you'll be surprised how easy development can be.

Download HI-TIDE 3 (Windows - Linux - Mac OS X )

For information on features, system requirements and compatibility information, please see the release notes.

To assist our customers with the migration path for porting HI-TIDE 1 (v1.2) projects to HI-TIDE 3 (v3.00) projects, see the migration guide.