Activation Help

Activation Program
After you have purchased and installed your HI-TECH compiler, it will run in demo mode until it is activated (or 21 days pass). To activate your compiler, you'll need to run the activation program. It is located from the Start menu in Program -> HI-TECH Software -> PICC. You can also find it in the compiler's installation directory. Your compiler will be permanently activated after filling in the required information as shown below.
For Windows XP, 2000 or NT users, make sure you are logged in with administrator privileges before trying to activate your compiler.

Serial Number  

Serial Number
Your compiler package will include a CD-ROM and a quick start guide.
On the inside cover of the quick start guide you will find your compiler's serial number. Enter this number into the activation program.

First and Last Name
Here you need to enter your first and last name. This should be exactly the same as the name you used when registering the compiler. It is important that you spell the name the same way as when you registered the compiler - upper and/or lower case doesn't make a difference.


Regirstration Number  

Registration Number
The registration number is located on the inside cover of the quick start guide, next to the serial number. Sometimes this number may be referred to as a R/Key number. Enter this number exactly as shown in the quick start guide.

Activation Key
Finally, you must enter your activation key. You can obtain an activation key by registering your compiler. After you have registered, the activation key will be emailed to you. Allow at least one business day for this to arrive. You can still use your compiler in demo mode until you receive the activation key. When you receive your activation key, copy it exactly as shown into the activation program.

  Activation Key

Completing the Activation
Having enter all of the fields as shown above into the activation program, click Next to activate the compiler. If all of the details were entered correctly, you should see a success message. Your compiler is now activated and you may use it without the demo restrictions. You should keep the details you used to activate the compiler in a safe place so that if you need to change your computer, format the hard disk, etc... you can perform the above activation again.

If you do not receive a success message when activating, go back and check all of the details again. If you still cannot get the compiler to activate, contact sales@htsoft.com and explain that you cannot activate your compiler. Be sure to include all of the details you are trying to use to activate the program.