Support Policies

Technical support for our products is a very important issue for us - we know that our development tools are complex products being used in wide variety of situations and that sometimes our customers will need assistance to get the most from our products. Your queries will be answered by one of our qualified, experienced engineers.

High Priority Access

HI-TECH Software's 12 month maintenance subscription providing web access to new versions, patch level updates, and priority technical support for nominated compilers.

Customers with previous versions can also purchase High Priority Access to update their existing compiler to the current version.

HPA Renewals and Restarts:

HPA Renewal

For customers who currently have HPA for a compiler and are 'renewing' their HPA for another year. To be eligible for 'renewal' pricing, customers must renew their HPA before their current expires. Note: a customer purchasing a STD compiler is eligible to purchase HPA at the 'Renewal' price. However, the HPA must be purchased at the same time as the compiler.

HPA Restart

For customers who do not currently have HPA for their compiler.

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Installation and Activation Support

HI-TECH Software has developed a step-by-step guide to help customers with installing and activating our products. Most HI-TECH Software products allow either a full installation (permits use of the product under the terms of our license agreement) or a demo installation (permits use for evaluation purposes for up to 45 days).

Requesting Support

Please visit http://support.microchip.com