Installation and Mode Activation

This page provides step-by-step instructions to help customers activate the Modes of HI-TECH C® PRO compiler, including:

  • PRO Mode
  • Lite Mode
  • 45 Day Evaluation Mode

For installation support for compilers without Modes, please click here.

A webinar is also available for installing and activating HI-TECH C® PRO compilers supporting Microchip Technology Inc. and getting started in MPLAB® IDE. To see this webinar, please click here.

Step One: Start Up

When you run the compiler installation program, a screen similar to the one below will appear. Click "Next" to continue. You may click "Cancel" at any stage of the installation process to exit.

Step Two: Mode Activation

Select which mode you would like to operate in:

  • Activate in PRO mode 45 day evaluation (internet access required)
  • Activate PRO mode with serial number (internet access required, unless "Off-line" is checked)
  • Operate in Lite mode

Click "Next" to continue.

Step Three: License Agreement

All HI-TECH Software products are supplied under a License Agremeent, the terms of which are displayed in the next screen. To proceed with the installation, you must accept the license agreement. Click "Next" to initiate an on-line activation request to our web server.

If you selected to "activate in PRO mode 45 day evaluation", a dialog box similar to the one below will be displayed showing the expiry date for the evaluation license. Click "OK" to continue.

Step Four: Components

Select which additional components you wish to install and click "Next" to continue

Step Five: Customize

Choose your preferred language and click "Next" to continue.

Step Six: Finish

At this point the main installation process has finished. If you selected to activate in PRO mode 45 day evaluation, the screen will display the expiry date of the product.

Click "Finish".

Resolving Activation Errors

The activation request may fail for various reasons - our technical support team can assist with resolving activation problems, and can be contacted by email: support@htsoft.com or by using the on-line request form. Some of the possible errors, and the recommended resolutions, are outlined below.

  • Your evaluation period has ended
    This message indicates that you have already used the 45 day evaluation period for this product. If you believe this is incorrect, or you wish to extend the evaluation period, please contact our technical support team and quote the number in parentheses shown in the message. This information will allow our staff to restart your evaluation period.
  • Activation limit reached
    This message indicates that you have already installed the product on the maximum number of computers permitted by your license. If this has occurred because you purchased a new computer, upgraded your hardware or operating system, or a similar reason, please contact our technical support team for assistance, quoting your serial number.
  • Network error - could not connect to server
    Check that your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Invalid version number
    Your license does not permit use of this version of the product. Contact our sales team to purchase High Priority Access.
  • License has expired
    Your license was issued for a limited time, and that period has expired.
  • Invalid serial number
    Check that you have correctly entered the serial number for your product.

Off-Line Activation

If you chose an off-line activation, you will see a screen similar to the one below. The off-line activation is a two-step process.

First, the installer will create an activation request file. Email this request file to activate@mail.htsoft.com. The name of the activation request file will be shown. Click "Finish" to close the installer.

Second, when an activation response file is emailed back to you, copy the file to the computer where you installed the product. Then choose "Activate or uninstall" from the Windows Start menu. This will re-run the installer and you will once again need to enter your serial number and choose off-line as you did previously. When you get to the last screen (as shown below), select "Complete activation with response file".

When you are presented with a browse dialog (similar to the one below), select and open the activation response file. The response file will be processed and the product will then be activated, ready for use.

Should you require further assistance with this process, please contact our Technical Support Team.